BlackFem's mission is to transform school-based learning so that girls of color in underserved communities are empowered with skills, habits, and resources to build and sustain wealth.

We welcome all womxn - cisegender, transgender, and gender non-conforming individuals.

Who We Are

We are a radically feminist nonprofit organization that focuses on giving girls of color the confidence, skills, and resources to build and sustain wealth. Through collaborative school partnerships, an engaging, integrative educational model, and a focus on intersectional feminism, we empower underserved communities to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

Why Women and Girls of Color

Wealth inequality of black women and hispanic women

In America, wealth disparity is a burden particularly felt by women of color. The median wealth of a woman of color in her prime is $5; a white woman of the same age has a median wealth of $42,600. The median family of color owns 16 cents for every white family’s dollar. Black women are less likely to own homes, stocks, or business assets compared to white and/or male peers.[1]

Put a different way, the net worth of white families is 10-13 times greater than that of the average Hispanic family and 6-7 times greater than that of the average Black family.[2]

Inequality is pervasive and facilitates a cycle of economic hardship that is intergenerationally reinforcing.

The wealth gap is the most severe, pervasive, intractable and damaging inequality facing black women, but does not stand alone. Racial and gender gaps in wealth lead to reduced opportunity in education, limit future earnings, and, ultimately, reinforce challenges to building intergenerational wealth.

Girls of color are disadvantaged at every step in this cycle. Gaps in educational attainment, income, and wealth worsen inequality and further the divide between advantaged and the disadvantaged.

BlackFem believes in wealth literacy that works at the intersection of the racial, gender, and social challenges that widen the gap in financial achievement. Through this intersectional feminist lens, we craft tailored educational experiences that speak to the actual lives of the children that can benefit the most from wealth literacy.

[1] Mariko Chang, Insight Center for Community Economic Development, Lifting as We Climb: Women of Color, Wealth, and America’s Future, 2010

[2] Pew Research Center, On Views of Race and Inequality, Blacks and Whites Are Worlds Apart, 2016

How We’re Different


Our model is culturally responsive, adapting to the unique needs of students of color and customizing programs to meet to the operational realities of school districts. We focus on sustainable, scalable solutions by training teachers and providing curriculum that integrates across every school subject, bringing wealth literacy as a core competency to the fore.


"Black feminist scholarship and tradition teaches us that if we liberate the women of color who are situated at the bottom of the social, economic, and political 'totem pole', then we necessarily liberate everyone. BlackFem, Inc.'s name is a reflection of this tradition."

Chloe McKenzie, 
Our Founder and CEO

Our programs empower women and girls of color socially and financially.

In order to maximize our impact, we integrate our programs into schools and other institutions.