About BlackFem

the problem

The greatest influence on a person’s wealth-building capability is not financial knowledge, it is financial trauma.

According to our founder’s research, Black women and women of color are among some of the most financially traumatized groups in the United States, which explains why their unique struggle against wealth inequality is so severe and intractable. Fundamentally, our WealthRise® model heals financial trauma, which will close the wealth gap.

Financial literacy hurts our wealth-building capability. Financial literacy too often denies the impact of the systems of oppression that create the conditions for our lives. Financial literacy too often normalizes economic violence. Financial literacy deceivingly emphasizes that wealth-building capability is most influenced by individual behavior, not the impact oppressive systems have on our relationships with money, value, wealth, and worth. Financial literacy perpetuates disparities. While it is paramount to specifically target the most historically ignored populations with our programmatic solutions, we limit our impact if we do not also transform the ecosystems that create the living conditions for Black women and girls.

the solution

We accomplish our solution through our WealthRise® intervention.

As such, our goals are to maximize the wealth-building capabilities of the most purposely ignored groups (i.e Black women and girls), increase their material wealth, influence policy, and transform other local entities that transmit and perpetrate financial trauma.

Our Model

Our model...


Actively undoes generations of

violent, systemic financial trauma, abuse, and shame through community programming;.


Teaches policymakers, educators, parents, and community leaders

how to acknowledge and understand the unique and intractable struggles people have against wealth inequality from an intersectional lens; and


Accomplishes intentional healing

by holding our social, political, economic, and cultural institutions accountable for perpetrating and transmitting financial trauma and abuse through activations that provide opportunities to build material wealth and change local policy.

Our name

What Does BlackFem Mean?

Our name derives from Black feminist theory which states that when we center, serve, and uplift the most marginalized (Black women), it will benefit society as a whole.

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