We welcome all cisgender and transgender women and girls into our program.



In the American economy, women of color face greater economic segmentation and disadvantage than any other social demographic. The economy itself further compounds this inequity. Though women of color have higher college completion rates than their male counterparts, half of all single Black and Hispanic women have zero or negative wealth. More strikingly, the median wealth for black and Latina women since 2007 is $100 and $120 respectively according to the Center for American Progress. As these women face the unfortunate inevitability of their social devaluing, their economic suppression through debt and credit instruments fuels the American economy.

We are a wealth and financial literacy organization designed for girls as young as 3 years old to women up to adulthood. With the mission to empower women and girls of color to build and sustain wealth, we are empowering them to create financial stability and sustainability to themselves. One by one, we are correcting the extreme resource deficiency that characterizes this demographic.


"Black feminist scholarship and tradition teaches us that if we liberate the women of color who are situated at the bottom of the social, economic and political 'totem pole', then we necessarily liberate everyone. BlackFem, Inc.'s name is a reflection of this tradition."

Chloe McKenzie, 
Our Founder and CEO

Our programs empower women and girls of color socially and financially.

In order to maximize our impact, we integrate our programs into schools and other institutions.