About BlackFem

the problem

The greatest influence on a person’s ability to build wealth isn’t financial knowledge.

It’s redlining. It’s housing discrimination. It’s wage gaps. It is the total of all these unfair institutions and more that clearly hold back Black women from succeeding financially. With discrimination invisibly embedded in every policy, every school, every part of public life – it’s clear the mechanisms meant to hold up our communities instead inflict perpetual violence against those most vulnerable. The system isn’t broken. It is actively destructive.

the solution

How can we rebuild to create a better financial future, for all? We start anew.

At BlackFem, we are unafraid of abandoning what is known for what is right. That’s why are on the ground, partnering with the nation’s most forward-thinking governmental bodies and activists to reimagine wealth-building opportunities for Black women. And we do this by addressing key areas of influence – cultural institutions, education systems, policymaking, and families. With a holistic, research-backed approach to healing financial trauma, we can nurture more lives and maximize impact for the long-term.

Our Model

Our model...


Actively undoes generations of

violent, systemic financial trauma, abuse, and shame through community programming;.


Teaches policymakers, educators, parents, and community leaders

how to acknowledge and understand the unique and intractable struggles people have against wealth inequality from an intersectional lens; and


Accomplishes intentional healing

by holding our social, political, economic, and cultural institutions accountable for perpetrating and transmitting financial trauma and abuse through activations that provide opportunities to build material wealth and change local policy.

Our name

What Does BlackFem Mean?

Working with us means having the courage to address our nation’s gravest inequalities head on. Break it down. Build it up. Start it right. Because when Black women rise, we all rise.

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