Transforming School-Based Learning

Teacher Academy

Teacher Academy

Through BlackFem’s Teacher Academy, teachers are empowered to implement wealth literacy in the classroom. BlackFem works with participating schools to identify a handful of champions who are motivated to take the lead in WealthRise™. The BlackFem Teacher Academy is designed as a five-day, immersive summer experience to teach financial fundamentals and principles of culturally-relevant, empowered education to teachers.


Financial learning is supported by interaction with real-world professionals through partnership with Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) that teach the curriculum alongside BlackFem staff. Our professional CFPs provide engaging learning experiences that impart life skills and practical applications.

During the summer, teachers learn concepts that span the whole range of financial content taught during the year. A school administrative champion is encouraged to participate in the training alongside teachers to elevate our work and learn how to support curriculum implementation. Breakouts for school administrators help them to plan for school year integration.


In addition to providing financial content, BlackFem imparts pedagogy. BlackFem teachers are engaged in interactive exercises to help them incorporate financial concepts into lesson plans and work with diverse student populations. Teachers learn how to relate to students from different backgrounds, especially when broaching sensitive topics like wealth-building.

We pay our districts’ teachers to complete our Teacher Academy. They deserve it.