Transforming School-Based Learning

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BlackFem is always looking for partners to help us advance our vision of wealth literacy education.

Like other educational organizations, BlackFem’s model requires investment in human resources to train, gather data, develop curriculum, and support program implementation. To achieve scale sustainably, BlackFem aims to develop effective and efficient programs that reach the greatest number of program participants through high leverage interactions.To advance our sustainability goal, we will engage volunteers, develop high-leverage train-the-trainer experiences, increase intelligent deployment of technology, and integrate with district program infrastructure.

Maximizing use of these resources, however, requires dedicated investment to develop program collateral, human resources, and technology.

As we scale, being reliably able to support operations across a growing portfolio of programs is essential. Our funding model aims to sustain long-term support for wealth literacy through district-centered financing. Over the long-term, districts will need to take over integration of culturally relevant wealth literacy standards into education. This model requires a financing model that supports sustainability and eventual handover, while mitigating risk to program operations.

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