Our Team


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Chloe McKenzie
Founder, President, and CEO

After graduating from Amherst College, Chloe worked as a mortgage trader at J.P. Morgan. She found Wall Street intellectually stimulating, but felt as though she was not helping those truly disadvantaged. When she became a Financial Counselor for homeless families and completed an education fellowship where she pursued work related to strengthening teaching practice and curriculum innovation, she felt compelled to start an organization with a mission of teaching wealth and financial curriculum to women and girls of color.  

Chloe is Series certified General Securities Representative and Investment Adviser and has her graduate certificate in Financial Planning. She is currently completing her Master of Public Administration from NYU Wagner and has completed graduate coursework in general and special education. 

Learning Department


Emma Ross
BlackFem teach manager

Emma Ross's path to BlackFem, Inc began in the classroom, her work within schools provided her the privilege of seeing the limitless possibility of education and opportunity that only strengthened her commitment to empowering women and girls of color.  Emma has experience teaching in general and special education classrooms as well as school leadership experience. Prior to joining BlackFem, Emma was a social studies teacher and later an Education Coordinator at Success Academy Charter Schools. As an Education Coordinator, Emma coordinated the IEP process at her school and conducted all data analysis and visualization. Emma also has experience creating and customizing school curriculum. Emma has completed coursework in general and special education and has a bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke College.

Marie-Luisa Canori-Burrell.jpg

Marie-Luisa Canori-Burrell
Blackfem in-house programs manager

Marie-Luisa Canori-Burrell joined BlackFem, Inc. because she was tired of complaining about how the system is broken and wanted to actively participate in change. She writes, " In our society we do not all have the same opportunities to create and maintain wealth and it is time we come together to change things because inclusion and diversity are the most important factors for a progressive and innovative world." Marie-Luisa has a BS in International Business and a MS in Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship. She has a background in Business Consulting and Development and currently works as a Marketing and Communications Manager at Advantage Austria, the US-Austrian Chamber of Commerce when she is not volunteering. 

Stephanie Gamble
blackfem at school Manager

Stephanie Gamble has worked as a teacher in New York City’s highest need communities for the past seven years.  She was excited to join the BlackFem team, which allowed her to continue her love of education as well as ignite a passion for empowering the communities in which she lives and works.  Stephanie has a Master’s in Childhood Education and her BBA in Actuarial Science.  Having spent most of her educational career as a kindergarten teacher and curriculum writer, she understands the importance of “investing” in students from an early age.  Stephanie is a firm believer that demographics do not dictate your destiny, and organizations like BlackFem help students and families reach their full potential regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Helen Sacco
blackfem Advocacy FELLOW

Helen Sacco graduated from the University of Tampa in 2013, and ended up working for a local non-profit organization helping homeless, unaccompanied youth. While working for this organization, she found her calling helping at-risk youth. She believes in a holistic approach to help at-risk youth better their futures by giving them the skills necessary to obtain successful economic opportunities. Helen is excited to work for BlackFem because the organization successfully implements her personal beliefs on a national scale. Currently, Helen is pursuing a Master of Public Administration from NYU Wagner.

Tara Spruill-Jones
Washington D.c. After School Facilitator

Tara Spruill-Jones is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and New Jersey native currently residing in Washington, D.C. She has "Big 4" accounting experience in the areas of expatriate and high net worth taxation. She holds a BS from Cornell University and an MS in Accounting from Northeastern University. 

Tara joined BlackFem to regain the passion for her career and to answer the call to teach and inspire her community. During her time in Public Accounting, Tara found it extremely difficult to reconcile her purpose with her profession. She is immensely grateful to be able to align who she is with what she does at BlackFem.

Sarah Vistocco.jpg

Sarah Vistocco
curriculum writer

Sarah Vistocco has a Master's in General and Special Education and has taught elementary and middle school children for three years. When she first heard of the Time is Money program, she knew she had to be a part of this project because she did not want to pass up the privilege to work with a program that equips young women with the tools they need to become not only financially independent, but affluent leaders in a society. Sarah's expertise augments the process of developing our youth programs' curriculum and strengthens the performance of the rest of our team and students at BlackFem.

Tiffany Willis
curriculum writer, Parent Programs

Tiffany Willis has many years of experience in finance and as a financial coach and currently works as an operations specialist for fixed income securities, large denomination time deposits, commercial paper, and exchange traded funds. She has her MBA in finance from Golden Gate University and a bachelor's in economics from University of California, Davis.

Tiffany joined BlackFem because she wholeheartedly believes in the mission, creating opportunities for women and girls of color to sustain and build wealth. She believes there is a huge difference between coming into wealth (from whatever form) and building the tools that actually create wealth. Tiffany believes that if we as a community take part in building the tools, we have already built the basis for the investment. Creating a knowledge base around sound financial principles gives us the means that we need to help manage the risks that would threaten our financial growth.  Tiffany wants to help women of color be proactive about their financial independence and success as it will open opportunities for them to truly live the life they desire. She plans to use her education and experience to do just that.

amy cushman
Programs data analyst

Amy Cushman has a Master's in Special and General Education and currently works as a data analyst for a public charter school. When Amy learned about BlackFem's after school program, she wanted to get involved and help develop the data system for our student's credit reports. She is excited to join BlackFem, Inc to help empower young women of color by providing an education beyond that of the Common Core curriculum.


Business Development Department

Emelyn Chew.png

Emelyn Chew
co-director of fundraising | blackfem West Coast

Emelyn Chew began her career as an analyst at J.P. Morgan’s Investment Bank, working on structuring and originating fixed income securities for both private and public sector clients. While her professional work experiences allowed her to discover the transformative effect of capital markets, her volunteer work with nonprofits and social enterprises revealed the challenges faced by financially excluded communities in building wealth.

As a member of Funding Circle’s Capital Markets team in San Francisco, Emelyn works to connect small businesses with investment capital through the company’s online lending platform. She is excited to lead Blackfem’s West Coast expansion and see first-hand how financial education can empower communities to take ownership of their financial future. Emelyn has a bachelor’s degree from NYU. 

Kerina Koch.JPG

Kerina Koch
CO-director OF FUNDRAISING | blackfem west coast

Kerina Koch currently works in investment operations at Wetherby Asset Management, a wealth management firm that emphasizes the importance of impact investing. Kerina previously worked at Funding Circle and has a bachelor’s degree from University of California, Davis.

She is excited to join BlackFem, Inc. because she recognizes the integral role financial education serves in empowering girls and women of color by giving them the tools needed to make their own financial decisions and build generational wealth.


Marketing Department

Leslie Aguilar .jpg

Leslie Aguilar
Director of Marketing

Leslie Aguilar joined BlackFem, Inc. because as a Hispanic woman she has strived to attain opportunities she knows are far too uncommon within her sex and ethnicity. At BlackFem, she can use her education to show other women of color what they are capable of given the right tools and privileges.  Ultimately, she believes the best thing she can do for women of color is lead by example and show them what the world could look like if women of color were the supervisors, CEOs, presidents, and even just interns of the world. Leslie is a rising junior at University of California, Berkeley majoring in political science and government.


Whitney Stephenson
High School Research Fellow

Whitney Stephenson conducts research on student debt and its effect on women and girls of color. Really, Whintey's research seeks to understand how women and girls of color can still build wealth when they incur so much debt because of student loans and still face the gender and racial wealth gap. Whitney joined the team because she was excited to see that there was an organization seeking to correct this problem that she will soon face. 

Sira Camara
High School Research Fellow

Sira Camara conducts research on the gender and racial wealth gap for BlackFem, Inc. Her work is motivated by the questions she asked herself after she learned more about BlackFem, Inc.: How can we address this problem when it seems that it is being swept under the rug? Why aren't schools teaching us how to correct this problem? Driven by her passion to learn more about the issues that affect her as a woman of color, Sira is excited to join the team and continue to conduct research on how our programs can correct the problem of the gender and racial wealth gap.

Our Board of Advisors

Gaurav Ahuja.png

Gaurav Ahuja

Gaurav Ahuja is a Growth Equity Investor at TA Associates in its Technology group. As an investment professional on his team, he is responsible for sourcing and executing investments in growing technology companies with the goal of helping them scale to achieve the next level of success. Previously, Gaurav was a consultant with McKinsey & Co., where he helped several technology companies with growth strategy and go-to market decisions. When Gaurav heard about BlackFem's mission to improve financial literacy, he was immediately drawn to it. He'd always thought there was a gap in public education with regards to teaching practical personal finance skills and he is excited to join the team.

Jonny Price

Jonny Price leads the U.S. lending division of Kiva.org. Founded in 2005, Kiva has now funded over 2 million entrepreneurs around the world with $850 million of microloans. These loans have been crowdfunded by 1.5 million individual lenders, and paid back with a 97% repayment rate. After starting his career in the London office of Oliver Wyman, Jonny took a break from strategy consulting to volunteer at Kiva in 2009. After falling in love with Kiva's mission (and his wife Ali, who worked at Kiva at the time!), he returned to Kiva full-time in 2011, to co-found the Kiva Zip pilot program. The program focuses on supporting financially excluded entrepreneurs here in the United States with 0% interest loans and the social capital engendered by Kiva's crowd-lending model. The vision for the Kiva U.S. program is to reimagine a financial system based on people, not profit. Jonny studied History at the University of Cambridge.