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After having such an amazing first quarter and analyzing just how far your donation goes, we were able to conclude that a $10 donation can provide any of the following:
1) One participant’s materials for one program that she can use at home to learn more about building wealth
2) One participant’s fee-free savings account, an asset she gets to put on her balance sheet to increase her net worth
3) One parent’s enrollment in our online parent financial education program, Raising Capital



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We hope you will take some time to read the stories of some of our participants, which you can now find on the ‘Her Story’ page of our website. We need your help and hope you will become a donor to invest in more stories like the ones below.  

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Ari, 7th grade

“Since starting at BlackFem last summer, I no longer think about getting the next pair of Jordans. I want Nike stock. Well….I do want Jordans, but I also want Nike stock because I want to take advantage of the profits that Nike makes on customers like me. It’s a good company, and I wouldn’t have known that investing in something I love could make me wealthy.”


Sarah, 6th grade

“It was really life-changing to think about how spending my money can change my balance sheet. I think I want to save more just because I get excited to make my net worth go up. I guess I’m just trying to get a head start before college becomes a liability on my balance sheet. But, I’ll be fine.”


Mia, 3rd grade

“It’s hard to explain what I like most about BlackFem. The people, I guess. I get to meet new friends and it’s weird that we become close when we talk about stocks or budgets.I have so much fun. My mom and I talk on the way home after programs and I just feel cool and like an independent woman. Thank you.”

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We thank you for your support and look forward to growing together to serve as many women and girls of color as possible!