Crown Rail and BlackFem, Inc. Adopt Classrooms to Launch in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois – (October 19, 2017) BlackFem, Inc. is excited to announce its expansion to Chicago. Through our Adopt A Classroom Initiative, Crown Rail, a majority woman-owned business based outside of Detroit, was able to adopt two classrooms at Lincoln Elementary School in Dixmoor and Park School in Riverdale. “Our Adopt A Classroom Initiative is one of the best ways to involve the larger community in scaling our impact as an organization,” said Chloe McKenzie, Founder and CEO. “But beyond the generous support from Crown Rail, we are equally excited and grateful for the work we have been able to do with Congresswoman Kelly’s Office to identify and serve some of the most disadvantaged schools in her district.” 

BlackFem, Inc.’s Adopt A Classroom Initiative entails adopting a Kindergarten, first-, or second-grade classroom with a classroom set of the children’s book Money Does Grow on Trees. Written by BlackFem’s Founder and Sarah Vistocco, a Curriculum Writer, the book follows a fierce black girl named Kyra, whose mom struggles to pay for the dress that she wants. Instead of getting the dress, her mom takes her to the bank where Kyra learns from a banker that using compound interest as a tool to have her money grow in a savings account is much more valuable because it increases her net worth. 

In collaboration with Congresswoman Kelly (D-IL) and her office, students were engaged throughout her Read Aloud portion of the events, which was then followed by a workshop lead by the BlackFem team. The workshop for a Kindergarten, first-, or second-grade class focused on compound interest and why we can think about it as money growing on trees. Once students considered that analogy, they were better able to understand how to take advantage of compound interest when we save and invest in financial securities. Ultimately, the workshop portion of the Initiative is a way to introduce the wealth literacy and financial literacy curriculum that BlackFem integrates into schools. 

“It is never too early to introduce concepts of fiscal responsibility,” said Congresswomen Kelly. “Early financial literacy is crucial, as it prepares our children for a brighter, solid financial future.”

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BlackFem, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to provide opportunities for (cisgender and transgender) women and girls of color to build and sustain wealth. Our core values of empowerment and social justice are achieved through the content of our programming, our commitment to reducing economic barriers to a quality financial education, and the long-term relationships we nurture with the communities we serve. Our mission is grounded in its commitment to provide unlimited access to financial education. Simply, we envision a world where all people, particularly women of color, have equal access to the financial tools they need to live economically-secure lives.