Transforming School-Based Learning

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

BlackFem uses data to learn from and adjust classroom experiences. Measuring and maximizing impact is part of BlackFem’s DNA. Throughout the BlackFem program, data drives deeper understanding of our impact.

Classroom Audits

On a periodic basis, BlackFem audits classrooms and surveys teachers to gauge curriculum effectiveness. Based on feedback, BlackFem works to improve on curriculum, building in new lessons and student experiences to constantly improve classroom learning.

During classroom audits, we evaluate teacher effectiveness, and content familiarity is validated online through learning checks during each phase of the school year. Based on data, supplementary learning for teachers is provided when required. Supplementary sessions may include reinforcement webinars or on-site trainings from the BlackFem team.

Program Results

Results from program monitoring are periodically fed back to district leaders and schools. Performance data empowers schools to own and act on their progress. BlackFem also works with school administrations to embed systems for managing the program, including M&E processes for student test scores and behavior.