BlackFem Free Adult Program

Please click the button below to take BlackFem's free online adult program, Raising Capital. This course introduces participants to basic financial principles that will prepare them for more advanced topics throughout the program.

Lessons From Our Students

What Makes Stock Prices Change - With Chloe

What Makes Investing So Cool - With Airynn

Let Airynn (10) take you through how BlackFem taught her about investing and why she thinks it's so cool.
Our 11 year old stock whiz, Chloe, tell you a thing or two about stocks.

A Financial Wake-Up Call: The Financial Illiteracy Epidemic - with Sira and Whitney

Saving: The Bedrock of Building Wealth - With Sira and Whitney

The Wealth vs. Rich Distinction

Lessons From Brian Grimes, CFP®, CLU®

BlackFem Board Member Brian Grimes teaches how to take control of your financial life in 4 quick lessons.


Brian Grimes Lesson 2 - Invest in What You Consume

Brian Grimes Lesson 1 - Pay Yourself First

Brian Grimes Lesson 4 - Live For Free Principle

Brian Grimes Lesson 3 - Good Credit and Using Credit Strategically

Brian Grimes Conclusion - Create a Business