Transforming School-Based Learning

Intervention Design

Intervention Design

Before BlackFem teaching begins, we work with school districts to adopt policies that mandate financial literacy 5 days a week during the school day and set up the infrastructure to manage and finance the WealthRise™ program.


Based on our proven best practices, we co-create a multi-year intervention plan for integrating BlackFem into classroom learning. Each step of the way, our interventions are designed to break down barriers to implementing financial literacy in schools.


Our administrative interventions:

Policy Adoption: BlackFem does significant community-based work and advocacy to prepare every community for systems-based changed. Equally, BlackFem works with local elected officials, school boards, and school districts to adopt a policy that will mandate financial literacy as a core subject that is to be taught 5 days a week in the classroom.

Establish multi-level program governance: BlackFem works with your district to identify stakeholders to steer the program. The “Program Oversight Committee” comprised of district leaders becomes an integral part of program planning and oversight. Funders can become a part of program governance to ensure the intervention at your district is sustained.

BlackFem also works with leadership at individual schools to prepare them for the year ahead. BlackFem gets to know school leaders, works to understand their challenges, and helps them identify ways to integrate BlackFem into routine educational management and evaluation processes.

Create high-quality financial literacy standards: During the planning process, we assess your district’s curriculum to establish a master roadmap of learning objectives from pre-K through sixth grade. The curriculum roadmap is designed to fit seamlessly into existing district and state standards and provides the structure for our multi-year programming.

Customize lesson plans to meet your needs: BlackFem works with your district to modify our base curriculum to build points of connection to Math, ELA, and Social Studies lessons throughout the year. We analyze each grade’s core curriculum and identify high-impact areas where your district could benefit from new or customized lesson plans. Classroom dynamics are audited across target schools to adjust for unique learning needs and socioeconomic situations. Our customized curriculum recommendations are reviewed with the Program Oversight Committee in the summer before school starts.

Help establish a sustainable plan for funding: We work with your district and community to engage others to help fund implementation and roll-out of wealth literacy programs. Working with your district, we identify implementation budget, funders, and fundraising strategies to make the program sustainable. Annually, we create opportunities to showcase BlackFem’s impact at your school to the community-at-large, deepening engagement and connection to local supporters.