Her Story

Our participants bring us so much joy. Just as we impact their lives, they impact ours. We hope you will enjoy their stories and celebrate their successes. 


tanaya, blackfem in-house time is money participant

I first came to BlackFem and learned about investing in stocks. I then got to be a part of the Finance Fair and pitch to people all of the things you need to know in order to be a good investor. My favorite part of the program is that I get to learn things like this and then help other people. I've made so many friends and I can't wait for my next program.

To date, Tanaya has participated in all of BlackFem's Time Is Money programs. She recently opened her first checking and savings account, and is proud to have increased her net worth by putting money into those accounts. In December 2016, she used our trading simulator to create a stock portfolio. Her portfolio is up $53.17.

azariah, blackfem in-house money does grow on trees participant

Compound interest is one of the greatest financial tools ever! Once you put your money into a savings account your money GROWS without you having to do anything! BlackFem taught me that, and I am so excited that I get to make new friends and think about how my money can grow. One of my other favorite things is making a balance sheet and drawing what assets I'm going to have when I get older. 

Azariah also participated in our Finance Fair and received the most "investments" from the event attendees. As a result, she gets to become a real investor by becoming a Kiva lender. Azariah is excited to invest in an entrepreneur somewhere in Africa or South America. She looks forward to acquring assets like a home, car, and jewelry store to increase her net worth. 

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whitney, blackfem in-house higher education participant & high school research fellow

Empowered. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think about BlackFem. The BlackFem organization has helped me grow as an individual, and not only that, but it has inspired me because I get to see other younger females of color, no different than me, to come in and learn about the ups and downs about finance and the real world. Knowing that there's going to be odds stacked up against us, but that can never break us down. BlackFem has taught us how to dream and dream beyond.

Whitney will soon be a senior in high school and is conducting research on why financial education doesn't exist in our school systems. She is a fierce advocate for our younger participants and will join us as an intern for the summer of 2017.