BlackFem At School creates and delivers wealth and financial literacy programs for schools.

BlackFem At School is a comprehensive financial service and education solution for schools.

Our BlackFem At School programs provide wealth and financial literacy curriculum to students who would not otherwise receive financial literacy services and programs in or out of school. Since its inception in 2015, BlackFem, Inc. has served over 10,000 students from out At School programs with over 650 hours of programming, and though we target women and girls of color, our school programs are open to all students.

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 Financial literacy in schools


Each school and each classroom we serve uses different BlackFem At School curriculum. We work closely with teachers and administrators throughout the year to build curriculum that meets the needs of their students. Our customization process allows BlackFem At School programs to be open and inclusive of all students, including those with IEPs and those in ELL classrooms. Curriculum should reflect the fact that teachers know their students best and each school community and classroom is different.


Whole Community Approach

BlackFem At School is a comprehensive solution for schools because it serves all stakeholders in order to create transformative change.


We create customized and culturally responsive curriculum to ensure that students are engaged. Our engagement techniques work to draw students in through discussion, personal experience, games, and personal expression to push student thinking.


BlackFem At School programs include a simultaneous parent program and family workshops at school. Transformative change in the communities we serve requires that wealth and financial literacy continue at home.


We utilize continuous teacher training. We train teachers on two different levels - teachers as teachers and teachers as people. We cannot assume that all teachers are financially literate and that they have been trained to be effective financial educators. Through in-person trainings, site visits, and our online teacher platform, we train and support teachers to ensure their success. 

Administrators & Districts

BlackFem At School programs include comprehensive data analysis and program assessments that allow administrators and school districts to track their students wealth and financial literacy growth. BlackFem At School programs also incentivize key metrics like attendance and homework completion that are associated with improved academic performance.



Cultural Responsiveness

Low-income communities of color lack access to wealth and financial literacy curriculum that simultaneously addresses the concept of sustainable wealth-building as well as the complex, and often harsh experiences of being a minority with fewer options to access opportunities. Curriculum must address the issues in students' daily lives and their experience or students will not connect with it. BlackFem At School programs directly address racial wealth inequality and discrimination (past and present) in the financial world while empowering our students with the knowledge and confidence necessary for them to defy these statistics.

The videos below show an example of our culturally responsive lesson on fiscal policy and a subsequent debate amongst our students.

BlackFem At School Programs

 Financial literacy programs in schools
 Financial literacy programs in schools
 Financial literacy programs in school


Kids' Credit Bureau Program

The Kids’ Credit Bureau program is a program where students will receive a monthly credit report and credit score. Student credit scores are linked to homework completion and attendance, and serve as an opportunity for students to understand how their behavioral and academic choices affect their financial trajectories.


Classroom Integration Program

For our classroom integration program, BlackFem generates customized wealth and financial literacy curriculum for your school. We train teachers to become financial educators and deliver our curriculum on "Wealth Days," which occur once a month for the duration of the school year.  Each lesson consists of interdisciplinary themes, which allows school administrators and grade-team leaders to select the subject they wish to integrate with the curriculum. We also host quarterly workshops for students and parents on more advanced financial topics.


After School Program

Students in our After-School program build a school community bank that incentivizes behavior that leads to academic success. Students’ behavior and performance at school will give them the chance to raise their student credit scores, consume, and invest. Participants in the program help run the institution and better the school community and will learn about financial concepts related to banking and credit.