Transforming School-Based Learning

Classroom Integration

Classroom Integration

BlackFem believes in endowing teachers with the skills to teach wealth literacy in the classroom five days per week. To achieve classroom integration, BlackFem envelops teachers and schools in a network of support. BlackFem’s supports for teachers help drive seamless service delivery and prepare schools, in time, to manage programs independently.

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School Administration

Your school administration is an essential part of program management. With school leaders, BlackFem develops training calendars and schedules to implement programs across the year. Volunteers and BlackFem staff work with schools’ analysts to collect and evaluate data for evaluating your program’s success. School leaders are regularly updated on program progress and help identify adjustments to program delivery.

Training Support

Throughout the year, BlackFem provides teachers with quarterly introductions to new curriculum phases. Regular, program-wide, webinars introduce program lesson plans and units. Teacher learning is supported through an online LMS, allowing BlackFem to monitor teachers’ competencies and provide additional support as needed.


A Comprehensive Financial Curriculum

Our online platform contains online teaching examples and archived webinars that accompany each curriculum phase. Lesson plans and classroom materials support implementation. Our curriculum is broken into phases, covering major topics in personal finance, economics, financial crises, and investing. Each phase of learning is broken into “Wealth Days,” or units with major lesson plans requiring dedicated class time, and “Enrichment Days,” which reinforce learning through shorter lessons intended to be fully integrated into other core subjects.

Empowering Teachers to Respond to Classroom Dynamics

Lesson planning across the year is infused with the Response-to-Intervention (RTI) philosophy. At critical points in the year, BlackFem teachers can reinforce or enrich learning with supplementary lessons based on classroom progress. Supplementary lessons build in reinforcement or enrichment of linked core subjects, such as Math or ELA, based on classroom needs. Our Wealth Curriculum Tree helps teachers identify effective ways to customize classroom learning.