The BlackFem At School Classroom Integration Program provides wealth and financial literacy curriculum for elementary, middle, and high schools. In addition to serving students that attend these schools, we strongly believe in a whole-family approach, and offer sessions and resources for students’ family members as well.

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This program is comprised of innovative and customized products and services:

Customized wealth and financial literacy curriculum for the school year

BlackFem, Inc. generates customized wealth and financial literacy curriculum. We offer lesson plans for the months of October through May, which teachers will use our lesson plans to teach on specified ‘Wealth Days’. In addition to the lesson plans that we give to schools, we provide all student-facing and parent-facing materials that correspond to the customized lessons. Our curriculum is common core aligned, yet provides greater depth than other financial curricula that exists because it does not follow the traditional one-size-fits-all model that could use examples that low-income students may not relate to.


BlackFem Teacher Training for Classroom Integration

Teacher training begins with an in-person core overview that introduces BlackFem, Inc. to teachers on the online platform. This initial in-person training for all teachers and administrators will cover how to use, navigate, and deliver our curriculum. There will then be training sessions released on our online BlackFem, Inc. Teacher Training platform throughout the school year so that teachers can continue to refine their craft and provide feedback about the implementation of the program. 


The online platform is a developmental tool that integrates the core values of BlackFem, outlines practices implemented in each lesson, demonstrates the techniques and lesson implementation practices through videos, and provides opportunities for teacher feedback. The online platform is broken into a series of videos, articles, and forums on which teachers learn and practice not only the curriculum and teaching techniques of BlackFem, but also engage in a review of their practices and belief systems that they enact daily in their classrooms. The online platform provides for increased opportunities for teacher review of materials and practice during the in-person training. The online platform will continue to act as a resource and training center throughout the school year.


Investment BootCamp

The investment boot camp acts as the classroom integration capstone for the end of school year. The program is a one session interactive simulation of investment practices led and designed by a BlackFem, Inc. educator. Programming will provide opportunities for application of previously acquired knowledge and an introduction of new information on investing leading to a holistic acquisition of wealth and financial literacy.

School Community Support

The School Community Support system is comprised of our BlackFem At School online platform, parent workshops, and parent guides given out to families after each Wealth Day. The BlackFem At School online platform will provide resources and information for parents to increase their wealth and financial literacy. The parent guides will provide relevant information about topics covered during Wealth Day sessions and suggested questions they can ask their child to facilitate a discussion about building wealth at home. The BlackFem At School website will also be a platform for students to log on to and view their monthly credit reports if the school partner chooses to combine the Classroom Integration program with the After School program.

Program Evaluation

Our performance assessments provide an analytic measurement of the program’s overall success. The evaluations are created, reviewed, and graded by BlackFem, and BlackFem will issue analytic reports on program evaluations to teachers and administrators.

Watch the videos below to see our students act as borrowers and loan officers and negotiate a loan based on the borrower's credit report.


See Our Classroom Integration Program in Action


One Classroom Integration Success Story

Arianna (2nd grader at a NYC elementary school), who originally struggled to tell the difference between an asset and a liability in October, was able to build a full balance sheet during her December performance assessment. By the end of the school year, Arianna’s father told us that she asks to complete all of her relatives’ financial statements and teach her brothers (who are in high school) how to be financially prepared for college.