BlackFem, Inc. offers professional development trainings and advisory services for teachers to become better financial educators. Most sessions focus on how to integrate and wealth and financial literacy more in the classroom by offering classroom management techniques with financial applications. This program is automatically included if a school selects the Classroom Integration program.

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BlackFem will host an initial meeting prior to the training or consultation to meet with the school leaders to discuss the purpose and vision of the training and consultation. BlackFem will then host a professional development training or consultation with school leaders to offer recommendations on how to integrate wealth and financial literacy into classrooms more generally and use wealth and financial literacy as a classroom management technique.

BlackFem, Inc. will provide recommendations to the school administrators based on observations for consultations completed for this program. School partners will be responsible for picking a date and time for BlackFem, Inc. to come host the training or consultation. Trainings last approximately 60-minutes and consultations are composed of an approximately 60-minute observation of classrooms and a 60-minute meeting with school administrators and teachers.