You're Invited to BlackFem's 2nd Annual Finance Fair!


The Finance Fair is BlackFem’s largest public event of the year and serves as a showcase and capstone for our students. Similar to a science fair, our students build presentation boards and small pitches and teach wealth and financial concepts to the attendee “investors.” For example, last year Azariah, who was in Kindergarten, taught attendees about the benefits of compound interest, while Maimouna taught attendees about their credit score and what factors can improve (or hurt) your credit score. The “investors” circulate throughout, listening to the pitches, and dropping tokens into the baskets that belong to the students that deliver their favorite pitches so that the spirit of investing in the students’ financial futures is as visible as their wealth and financial literacy. Food helps to facilitate the intimacy of the event.


where: betterment, 61 w 23rd st new york, ny 10010

The Impact of Your Donation 

We want to raise $20,000 to adopt 20 schools! We've already raised $10,000, so let's raise $10,000 more! All donations, which get you access to the Finance Fair, goes toward this goal.

Anytime we pitch our curriculum to educators, we will hear, “I wish I had this as a kid!” This statement reflects the larger problem of financial illiteracy among Americans, but also proves that our programs are necessary. Most schools in areas where students could most benefit from a financial literacy curriculum either do not have the resources at all to teach financial literacy, or any curriculum they do have does not adequately prepare teachers to teach the curriculum or serve its students because of its one-size-fits-all pedagogical approach.

$1,000 adopts one school. That school will receive our Kids' Credit Bureau Program. This program serves students, teachers, and parents.

BlackFem, Inc. offers innovative and proven solutions for using customized curriculum to build wealth and financial literacy. Though we specifically target women and girls since they are more systematically disadvantaged than any other demographic, our school programs are open to all students. Our core values of empowerment and social justice are achieved through the content of our programming, our commitment to reducing economic barriers to a quality financial education, and the long-term relationships we nurture with the communities we serve.




Student Credit Scores are reported on the monthly credit reports and compel students to consider how their academic and behavioral actions affect their financial trajectories just as it would in the real world.



Students also receive Take-Home Salaries that they can use to purchase experiences, such as lunch with their favorite teacher. But, students can be taxed if their credit score drops.


Curious about what our girls will pitch to you at the Finance Fair? Here are some sneak peeks!